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Unlock your brand’s potential by joining Sample Materials, the leading sample materials marketplace worldwide.

We are building a new, better A&D community and we need your help.

Only Sample Materials has…

Streamlined Sampling Search

Enhance your reach by connecting with thousands of qualified design professionals actively searching for Sample Materials daily. We treat all suppliers equally, regardless of a supplier’s size, seniority, or sales volume. We don’t play favorites. Only Sample Materials has exact Hex # color match.

Efficient Connections

Facilitate direct communication between A&D and your knowledgeable representatives. Empower your team to engage with professionals seeking your products, fostering meaningful connections that drive business growth. Only Sample Materials can provide chat on the SKU level instantly with your geolocated reps.

The Most Sustainable Sampling Ecosystem

Only Sample Materials has suppliers capable of same day delivery with full size samples. Our platform encourages sample reuse, maximizing your materials' lifespan and minimizing environmental impact.

Data-Driven ROI

Sample Materials goes beyond providing leads; we deliver project leads with rich data and direct connection to A&D, not dead email leads. Expand your network strategically.

What Our Clients Say


Antonio Poggi

Co-owner of Italian tile manufacturer, Unicom Starker


Sample Materials has the industry’s leading partners, the best support and the latest tech.

For the past eight years, we have done a great deal of business with Concept Surfaces. I can honestly say with great pleasure, pride and joy that this company is on the top of my list. Geoff Gross and his team are credible, honest and professional. They exude passion and integrity within their work and each experience has been completely positive and makes my job very easy. I hope to do business with Concept Surfaces for a very long time.

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